Massage and Wellness

You want to take care of yourself Choose a massage

If you want to treat yourself to a tailor-made massage, we can organize a special appointment for you with an experienced masseuse.

After 10 years spent in Asia training with qualified therapists, she will be able to choose with you the treatment best suited to your needs.

Professional equipment and organic oils

The massages are performed in your room with professional equipment and in strict compliance with sanitary constraints.

The vegetable oils and essential oils used during the treatments are all organic.

60 or 90min treatments - from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. depending on the availability of the therapist.

For any request for information or an appointment, please contact us at

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Sporty, energizing, relaxing... Choose, or wait for advice

DEEP TISSUE 60/90 min - 90/110€

All tensions are worked with insistence and depth. An ideal treatment to regain muscle flexibility and relieve your joints. 

ENERGIZING 30/60 min - 45/90€

This stimulating and regenerating treatment concentrates its action on the upper body to relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulders. 

SLOW LIFE 60/90 min - 70/100€

The enveloping and soothing movements of this massage allow you to let go, soothe mental agitation and restore inner calm leaving behind stress and fatigue. 

HEAD MASSAGE 30/60 min - 45/75€

This relaxing treatment made with coconut oil relieves headaches and eye fatigue. In 60 minutes, a facial massage will complete your treatment, facial features will be smoothed and your mind calmed. 

MUM TO BE 60/90 mins - 70/100€

This gentle and soothing massage is a real privileged moment to share with your child. Creating serenity and inner peace. 

SENSORY JOURNEY 90 mins - 110€

Luxurious ritual including a customized massage of the back,
the scalp and feet.
This treatment awakens your senses and increases your vital energy.

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